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With kids all set for the new academic year.. Geared up with new set of books, bags, water bottles.. What about the uniform? Still behind Tailors....?? Get it readymade... Fast, convenient and economical!! GIFT YOUR CHILD THE BEST FITTED, PREMIUM QUALITY SCHOOL UNIFORMS.. ONLY AVAILABLE AT DAAKSHES UNIFORMS OUTLET.. All the best to kids for their new academic year. Sizes running out fast!! Hurry up to grab your pick..
Smart parents choose READYMADE SCHOOL UNIFORMS.. Are you still running around to tailors with fabric bits in your busy schedule ?? Readymade is the new smart.. Save time save energy and save money!!! On shelves now: BS MOOTHA GIRLS SENIOR SECONDARY, ASAN MEMORIAL SCHOOL, CHETTINAD VIDYAASHRAM, SPORTS WHITE PANT, WHITE SHIRTS, PREMIUM SCHOOL SOCKS.